Monday, June 06, 2011

only 20 days to go

I have been planning Tea for Three at 3 for about 6 months now and am down to 20 days. We are celebrating her 3rd birthday on the Saturday after (it's on Friday).

Here's my to do list:
- finish coffee filter wreath
- 'tea wreath' - with tutorial
- delivering invitations - have less than 3 weeks
- home made tiered cake stand - with tutorial
- finalize the menu, print it to display it
- figure out a layout of tables where things are going and how it will all look
- think about decor items and create any that are needed

I have so many items and colours in this party I need to figure out what my colour scheme is before making the tea wreath and cake stand. I think with all my scrapboooking papers thought I'll find something ;)

So here's my plan of attack...
Lay out (and take a picture) of all the colour items. Pick new scrapbooking papers for the new items yet to be made. Make items. Take pictures of items while making to put up new posts and tutorials on my blog.

I think I might be using the word 'tutorial' too often in this post.

So to get this party started I'm going to post this, finish my coffee and get going.