Thursday, February 16, 2012

Preschool Printables!

When I get an idea in my head I turn to Google but often get side-tracked. I started out looking for a multi-coloured 8-10 or bigger printable alphabet poster but then thought "my daughter should work on her letters" so I did a search for "preschool worksheets" and one of the top results linked me to a complete printables for preschoolers. I've already saved the pdf files of the letters and will have access now to numbers.

Until the next post, happy printing practice.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Clutter calendars

I am so much of an OCD person that I LOVE calendars. I have a 12 month calendar that I post on the fridge monthly; although, February's not up yet. It's a work in progress.
I like ideas that will keep (or should I say 'get') me organized. So I thought I'd print off this document. That's as far as I got. Printed -check. It's really great though but it's kinda like cleaning your house before the cleaners come. My house is so disorganized I feel like I have to organize before starting the calendar. To be fair, the 'this' link above you would sign up to receive the document BUT I have just successfully uploaded to 4shared.com decluter calendar 2012. Even though we are so far in to the year, this can still be useful. It's broken out BY DAY. I plan on using this same calendar next year, or finding the 2013 version.

Oh while I'm on the uploading document train... I'm uploading my 2012 blank calendar with an example of how I use it.  I've got the first initial of all people involved in the house, I underline the date for pay days, and an asterisks by the date for birthdays, anniversaries and parties with a bullet (about 3 will fit) at the bottom of the page with 'who'.

Ok, until the next post, happy organizing.

Valentine's Day

I've been completely absent from my blog and seem to only visit it around a holiday.

I just had a thought that instead of bookmarking all my printable ideas, I'd blog about them, that way others can share and print my findings. I need more followers though.

So far, I have found:
Coupon Binder help thanks to keepinglifecreative.com now I just need to get colour in my printer.
This next one shows painted glass, blocks and subway art crafts and printables for Valentine's Day all in one site.
Oh and OneToughMother shows how to make your own printables, I've been playing with it but it's using Picnik which will be ending service on April 19, 2012!

Until the next post... happy crafting

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Christmas craft/s

While on the holiday theme, let's look at Christmas! I have a foyer that has 2 steps up to a 3x3 foot landing that leads up to more stairs (to upstairs).... anywho, there's a 'waste of space' that no one walks on and I'd like to put something there to help bring interest to the landing, or decorate it for holidays. Last year I put a tall-ish clear straight sided vase filled with Christmas balls. You might have seen that done in stores. Yeah well, the vase was too small because once you look down the stairs there was this random vase with balls sitting at the bottom.

SOOOO thanks to Laurie at TipJunkie.com I found this new little diddy that I want to try and do for my stairs, making different levels to hopefully fill the space without taking away room to actually walk up the stairs.

I just realized I could use wrapping paper instead of their use of fabric. (much cheaper)

Hallowe'en craft/s

I found a feature on www.tipjunkie.com that I love, I love her site to start with but this is fabulous!!! This Hallowe'en pumpkin is made from paint chips (Hello Home Depot!) and paper leaves. LOVE THEM!


Well, apparently I havent been on here in a while. And by while I mean a LONG time!

I have been surfing blog land and see such great ideas. This blog is my bucket list, to do. I should be adding things to my to do bucket list!

So that's what I'm going to do. I'll be doing a post on a DIY craft/project I want to do and link to the blog/site I see it on.

Monday, June 06, 2011

only 20 days to go

I have been planning Tea for Three at 3 for about 6 months now and am down to 20 days. We are celebrating her 3rd birthday on the Saturday after (it's on Friday).

Here's my to do list:
- finish coffee filter wreath
- 'tea wreath' - with tutorial
- delivering invitations - have less than 3 weeks
- home made tiered cake stand - with tutorial
- finalize the menu, print it to display it
- figure out a layout of tables where things are going and how it will all look
- think about decor items and create any that are needed

I have so many items and colours in this party I need to figure out what my colour scheme is before making the tea wreath and cake stand. I think with all my scrapboooking papers thought I'll find something ;)

So here's my plan of attack...
Lay out (and take a picture) of all the colour items. Pick new scrapbooking papers for the new items yet to be made. Make items. Take pictures of items while making to put up new posts and tutorials on my blog.

I think I might be using the word 'tutorial' too often in this post.

So to get this party started I'm going to post this, finish my coffee and get going.