Saturday, September 10, 2011

Christmas craft/s

While on the holiday theme, let's look at Christmas! I have a foyer that has 2 steps up to a 3x3 foot landing that leads up to more stairs (to upstairs).... anywho, there's a 'waste of space' that no one walks on and I'd like to put something there to help bring interest to the landing, or decorate it for holidays. Last year I put a tall-ish clear straight sided vase filled with Christmas balls. You might have seen that done in stores. Yeah well, the vase was too small because once you look down the stairs there was this random vase with balls sitting at the bottom.

SOOOO thanks to Laurie at TipJunkie.com I found this new little diddy that I want to try and do for my stairs, making different levels to hopefully fill the space without taking away room to actually walk up the stairs.

I just realized I could use wrapping paper instead of their use of fabric. (much cheaper)

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