Monday, February 21, 2011

Free Printables

There are so many sites that have printable ideas - cards, recipes, menu planning and recipes - I have started some of my own, collected and dowloaded lots but have no real way of organizing them all and the ideas within them. I will figure a way to post the actual files on the blog or shots of them to send them out where possible. I'll provide links to ones that aren't mine.

If you have (assuming I'll have more readers) requests for ideas I'll either find them, or create them.

My next project to work on is a birthday and mailing list binder to go with my hand-made cards.

I currently have a year in calendar to help with cleaning and meal ideas.

So after many months I am doing an update to this post! It's been too long in collecting documents, making my own and collecting them all into files and folders in various locations on the computer that I still haven't made my binder. 

Last night when I couldnt sleep, I made a list of what I need/want to have in my binder, to help myself narrow down and actually get this thing done to help get organized!

My list of documents is: 

Year, month and day calendars 
Schedules of Strong Start and Parks and Rec 
Garbage collection 
Address including birthdays of friends, spouse and kids 
House cleaning schedule
Cleaning tips like this one that i have found from Martha Stewart
Babysitting info (not that she ever has, but for the future)
52 weeks organization (filled in of course) from Org Junkie
Menu planning for summer and winter with 4 weeks of each (for rotation)

Can you tell that I love Org Junkie? (no link here)

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